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하늘에 손이 닿을 때 까지 달려가.

run run run away.


( chances. )
❝ maybe this time. ❞

My name is Kris. I am Korean, born in the US, able to speak both languages fluently. Passion is and always will be art. Age 15 16 17. Planning to major in Biology and minor in Fine Arts to pursue a career of being a university professor and illustrator. I believe life is truly a miracle to behold. I am an idealist. My favorite US President is Woodrow Wilson because he tried to achieve world peace, something I have been wishing on my birthday cake since I was 5. I live for myself, friends, and family, with God lighting my path every step of the way. I have two ears made for listening, so give me a shout out whenever ♥.

layout. rp. animelist. FOB. +.