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30 December 2009 @ 03:21 pm
{ anime } Kuuchuu Buranko (Trapeze)  
I never wanted this series to end, and it has. In a short 11 episodes. And what a fabulous 11 episodes it was.

When I saw the first episode a few months ago, I was fascinated by the art style. It was so trippy. Actually, trippy is an understatement. The art is so drastic and I've never seen an anime that incorporated live-action into its scenes. Simply amazing. Apparently the director for this series and Mononoke are the same, which explains its brilliance. It's also based off of a novel, I think. I really hope it's already translated into English or getting there because damn, I want to read it. Even if it's in Korean, that's fine. I'll pick it up and start reading.

Dr. Irabu. I fell in love with his character from the very beginning. Just look at the way he dresses. The guy's got major style; so eccentric. And the bear mask? He's nuts, I tell you. His child form is adorable and his 20's form is sexy pff. Love, love the glasses. Did I mention his hair in every form? (The bear has no hair, but...whatever. The head, then) THAT FLOWER? THAT PINK FLOWER LACED WITH BRIGHT BLUE IN THAT SPARKLY BLONDE. GENIUS. JUST GENIUS. I like how they kept him completely animated throughout the series, while all of his patients were live-action half of the time, and Mayumi was live-action almost the whole time -- props to her actress btw; she did a great job. And not to mention Fukuicchi! I learned so much medical facts from him~ and everytime he drills in, I bust out laughing because it is so loud.

His unprecedented use of medicine is oh man...so amazing. His shot fetish is HAHAHAHA. In the final episode, when the doctor, Mr. Tsuda (MY MATH TEACHER'S NAME PFF) was giving shots to a little boy, Irabu was totally stalking them. I also love Mayumi's character. Usually, I don't like characters like her, but there's something about her. She's so nonchalant it's hilarious. Every one of the patients are extremely human and their illnesses are something that unless one has it, one doesn't completely understand the extremeties of it. Irabu's seemingly uncaring attitude as he administers his patients is something incredible, because although his methods prove to be strange, it sure as hell works. And he does care about his patients afterall.

Each episode is entirely its own. A new character is introduced with each, but there is no doubt that they leave a lasting impact on the audience. 20 minutes usually isn't enough for a watcher to get attached to a character, but it's not like they just show up and poof away. The series takes place along the same time frame, around mid-December until Christmas, and the characters are all tangled together. You never forget any of them.

While each episode ran a chill over me as I watched and put a smile on my face, the final episode did all that and more. Tsuda proved to be the most human of all, I think. Constantly preoccupied with his own problems, disregarding the problems of others when they are so obvious, thinking himself the most victimized of us all, when in reality, he's not. His situation could be better, but it could be worse. And when he realizes that and sees that it's okay not to be perfect, his life starts to change. Instead of the bathroom being spotted with black filth, it's painted in rainbows. He suffers from stress, the cancer of society that throws even the most calm person out of gear. It can trigger so many other fatalaties, and although its something so common, it is usually brushed off because it is something that is seen so often.

The canary analogy, oh my gosh. I was grinning ear to ear. I've never known that canaries did that during mining. It was a nice fact and the way it was directed to be incorporated into the series...WOW. I don't know, you just have to watch it to get the full impact. My description will not do the series and its ending justice.

At first glance, this series is a bunch of crazy colors put together. After actually sitting down and watching the first episode, it is so much more. And after finishing the series, its message is so profound, you just might rant to yourself for a couple minutes like I did about how gorgeous this series truly is. It will not get as much appreciation as it deserves because it's so different from the typical "mainstream" anime, but damn, I hope enough stumble upon it and it gets an award somewhere out there. BRAVO DIRECTORS. BRAVO CAST. BRAVO EVERYONE. You get a giant round of applause from my tiny hands~ ♥

The final message Kuuchuu Buranko gives us: No one is perfect!

--and that is perfectly fine.

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pandas arent meant to wear spandex: [Vocaloid] Kaito - Can't Breathespandaex on January 1st, 2010 12:54 am (UTC)
oh god oh god oh god she was talking about apping euphie or nunnally or cornelia or schnizzle but i didn't think


IT'S LINDA, KRIS. IT'S PRUSSIA-MUN I am freaking out oh god oh god. I knew she watched Geass because when I went in chat she was like YOU PLAY SUZAKU RIGHT? and I freaked out and I ran out of chat but [sob] lindaaaaaaaa
최민해: { di[e]ce } that's radicalavorspiel on January 1st, 2010 01:24 am (UTC)

the possibility of more canonmates. finally ;o; after forever. FINALLY. AND OUT OF THEM ALL, IT IS NUNALLY. LIKE HOLY SHIT MAN.
pandas arent meant to wear spandex: [Pokemon] Pikachu - Gracious butt shotspandaex on January 1st, 2010 01:30 am (UTC)
gooood linda is like my hero in so many ways i am so fuckin nervoussssss [cries]

we're talkin' about it here. she even has a journal all ready and stuff goddddd
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i'm seriously giddy about this but yes fuck my life because i'm going to fail. FAIL. i need to seriously brush up on Lelouch...AND YOU. DON'T WORRY. EVEN LINDA SAID YOUR GOOD TO GO.

pandas arent meant to wear spandex: [Vocaloid] Kaito - Can't Breathespandaex on January 1st, 2010 01:58 am (UTC)
linda's nicee [sob] ahhh i want to be a good enough suzaku for herrrrrrrrr

gawd i feel like a creepo lol
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pff you stalker~
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lol wat you stalker

SHUUUUSH. i'm not a stalker per se. I'm just that creeper that's like worships them pfffff
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You are both of them combined. You're a...stalker-creeper. A stalper.
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I'm not a stapler :|
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I didn't say you were. I said you were a stalper. That spelling was intentional 8D
pandas arent meant to wear spandexspandaex on January 1st, 2010 02:57 am (UTC)
I know that. But it looks and sounds like stapler. B|
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Pff okay then, you are a stapler 8D
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