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23 December 2009 @ 11:14 am
{ anime } Kimi ni Todoke 12 - The Feeling of Love  
I couldn't not write about this episode. Sawako, you are too adorable.

I actually saw this particular episode RAW, so I might've misunderstood some things. Hopefully, I didn't, though~

At any rate. Wow. Kimi ni Todoke, I've been following every week and it has not failed me yet. I usually watch it on Fridays, same as when DTB is released (w/ subs), but vacation is here and I'm so bored. I went on to zomganime and I had no idea this series was actually released on Wednesdays (maybe Tuesdays?).

Kurumi is obviously in love with Kazehaya and she's bound to get him no matter what. Her real personality is really interesting, but I really hate her guts. I must thank her though, since she makes the series interesting and this isn't a typical love triangle, since Kazehaya is, quite frankly, not interested in her in that way at all. He's got the googly eyes for Sawako~

Quick preview of last episode. The boys are having their softball match, ball goes awry, almost smacks Sawako in the face, when Ryu saves her. Kurumi is all "He saved you. He's similar to Kazehaya. Are you sure you don't like Kazehaya just because he was nice to you? He's nice to everyone so it's nothing special" or something along those lines. Sawako, cute, adorable, blissfully ignorant to the bad side of people, feels so thankful to Kurumi for telling her all of that. To me, as one of the audience, I'm shocked at how innocent she can be but lol her innocence gets on Kurumi's nerves so much and it makes me laugh.

Sawako decides that she's going to try and talk to Ryu to find out what "feelings of love" actually feels like. She follows up on her plan and correct me if I'm wrong on understanding what he replied when Sawako asked him about those kind of feelings -- "I have them for Chizuru. Keep it a secret, though." KYAH IF I'M RIGHT OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG RYU YOU ARE SO MANRY. And OH OH OH when Kazehaya asks if Ryu is interested in Sawako, Ryu replies "I like her, normally. But I don't have the same feelings as you do for her, Shouta." AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH RYU SO MANRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. KAZEHAYA CONFESS ALREADY. We all know you like Sawako, except Sawako herself.

And Kurumi, I thank you for your next move, although it was a plan to sabotage any chance Kazehaya and Sawako had. She brings Kazehaya along where Ryu and Sawako are talking (both of whom are oblivious to their presence) and Kazehaya is quite shocked to see Sawako smiling when she is with Ryu -- ALTHOUGH SHE IS SMILING BECAUSE SHE IS THINKING OF KAZEHAYA WHILE TALKING TO RYU. EAT THAT, KURUMI. Kurumi comments "See? We should cheer them on" with that plastic smile of hers and Kazehaya ILU SO MUCH he drops the cones he's holding to the floor and idk starts running towards Sawako?! With a surprised and DEVASTATED Kurumi. IT ENDS RIGHT THERE AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENSSSSSSSSSSSSS. There was no preview for the next episode, either, so I'm like ajdhshgka;ahg NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

And btw I love Yano, too. She is so amazing. Kurumi was KO'd when they had their little talk. Psh Kurumi ain't got nothin' on Yano.

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