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13 November 2009 @ 06:30 pm
{ anime } Darker than Black II - The Smell is Sweet, the Heart is Bitter  


Well, in my opinion, anyways, because I have been waiting for the last 5 episodes for Hei to stop drinking, for some sign of Yin, and for Hei to be nicer and WHADDYA KNOW. THEY GAVE US A GOOD DOSAGE OF ALL THREE THIS WEEK. It was a very productive episode. I knew Hei got into the wrong truck the minute it started driving away last week and aha! Shizume comes out and uses his awesome contract powers to fuse with the car and bust his moves on Hei. But oho even without his powers (which I'm still really bummed about ;;) he...ESCAPES. The scene made me giggle. DTB has the most awesome ways of slipping in some comedy relief with all of the angst rolling around. A mom and her son were driving down the road while Shizume and Hei were fighting and the little boy's all "Hey are those contractors?" And the mom's like "Don't look at them. They'll eat your belly button." And pfft Hei hops onto the hood of the car and the boy is like "Hey is he on our car?" and the mom goes "Ssshh! Pretend he's not there or he'll rip your hair out" and she just keeps driving lmaaoo.

AND AND AND THE MOST EXCITING PART. YIN. YIN YIN YIN YIN YIN YIN. So Izanami = Yin. Maybe I missed something but I have NO IDEA where they got the whole Izanami name for her... and where they even found her and why the CIA wants Hei to kill her. AT ANY RATE. YES YIN. The moment July was all "I know her. She's the Scandinavian doll..." I was screaming at my screen "WHAT THE FUCK IT'S YIN." And my mom comes in and looks at me like I'm crazy. This moment. I have been waiting 5 weeks for it. And voila here it is. I was so excited XD

It was sad how Michiru died tho. I feel really bad for Norio. I mean, he just met his mom again after she became a contractor and left and then he sees her and Suou fighting. Then he thinks Suou killed her, when actually, it was Yin's observation ghost (idk how that works) and it's like baw Norio ;__________; The poor guy...lost his mom and thinks the girl he likes killed her. But his dad is really sweet...and the scene where they're crying together while eating that cake that Michiru baked... aw man. I don't know whether I should've laughed or wanted to cry with them. It was rather touching.

THEN MORE YIN. And this is totally not in order. I'm just typing what pops into my head lol. ANYWAYS YES YIN. So the cart thingy which is holding Yin is being lifted by a crane (to be put onto the submarine, I'm guessing, so they can move it) and Suou was supposed to shoot it, since their mission is to kill Yin (or Izanami). And Hei shouts "Don't shoot! Don't shoot, SUOU!" He says her name~~ do I feel a bonding moment here? PLUS even though Hei said he would definitely kill Yin, his feelings for her overrides his orders and he stops the mission. Hopefully, they'll actually go and rescue her soon. And Mao tells Suou Yin was something of Hei's woman, so EH EH DO WE HAVE CONFIRMATION TO BELIEVE THEY WERE...OO LA LA~ ♥ I do ship HeixYin. And HeixKirihara, but as of now...for some reason Kirihara is really getting on my nerves...I dunno. She's just...urk.

And ah~ finally a touching moment with Suou and Hei. Hei's cooking up dinner (I MISSED SEEING HIM COOK AND FINALLY WE GET SOME) saying that he's sick of eating weeds lolol Suou your cooking sucks bahahaha. Suou comments she doesn't like eating canned food (the fish Hei was using was yeah, packed in a can) because it smells like metal and Hei pours his beer into the frying pan, saying that it'll take the metallic smell away. He then tells her not to shoot anymore and she asks why and he goes "Because it doesn't suit you." IS THAT CUTE OR WHAT. I SENSE SOME NICE HEI COMING OUT~ seriously he's such a kind person. Life just screwed him over. And then Suou says that his alcohol is out and he replies "I guess so" and picks his jacket up and starts to go out and Suou is all "Are you going out to buy more alcohol?" He ignores her then she says "I won't shoot. In return, don't drink anymore." "Are those your conditions... I'm just going out to buy vegetables." THEN SUOU SMILES AND FOLLOWS AFTER HIM. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. SO ADORABLE. HEI YOU SO SWEET. I don't approve of them in a romantic relationship, as I think I've said before, but like brother-sister, I think would be really really really cute.

AFTER THE ENDING. THIS PART JUST KILLED ME ;___________________; Suou and Hei are at the convenience market and they're walking out and Suou is following behind Hei and...omg Yin's observation ghost is standing right there and she's almost...trying to hug him, trying to grab his attention and and...he can't see her. Because he lost his contractor powers, he can't see observation ghosts anymore. DUDE HOW UNFAIR IS THIS. HOW. FLIPPIN'. UNFAIR. I knew that whole "Only contractors can see observation ghosts" would come and hit me over the head. I didn't mind so much and now I do. Suou saw her, though and he turns around and asks "What's wrong?" WHAT'S WRONG? YIN IS RIGHT THERE AND YOU CAN'T SEE HER. THAT'S WHAT. But no, she replies that it was nothing. And lololol I actually did laugh at the next part -- she kicks the lamp post where Yin's observation ghost was standing. Someone's a little jealous~

This week's episode was immensely satisfying for me. I got most everything I wanted to see. And now a whole new list is being created. And since Hei has now (apparently) stopped drinking alcohol and is nicer to Suou, maybe he'll shave and cut his hair. And...maybe smile a bit more. That would be nice. :)

Now onto Huck Finn~ I have about 140 pages left to read. Due on Monday, test on that also on Monday and AP One Sheet due on Monday for it, too. WEEEEEEEEEEEE

EDIT and no I did not go to the overnight volunteer thing at the library. Too much homewooooooork AND AND AND DID I MENTION I'M GOING TO WALT DISNEY STUDIOS AND WATCHING THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG AND METTING THE ANIMATORS? GAH SO EXCITED. ...IF I GO. Idk yet because it's for Art club (which I'm not even a part of but hahaha) and it's during school and ugh...I cannot afford to miss any of my classes. It's in December so WE WILL SEE HOW IT GOES.
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